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Axiom Nexus Logs
14th-Dec-2011 02:02 am(no subject)
offline - knocked him out, recharging on the job
WHO: DW Skywarp and Starscream!
WHERE: On top of a scenic tower somewhere, where they won't be immediately picked up by security.
WHEN: Now-ish
WARNINGS/NOTES: Drunkenness. Over-imbibing of Potent Substances (that is, very nice high-grade.)

Whatever we're gonna do, we're doing it drunk!Collapse )
12th-Dec-2011 11:40 pm(no subject)
☄ [ adorable ]
WHO: Roxanne & Megamind
WHAT: She just got the news. It's probably time for a discussion with the boyfriend.
WHERE: Uh. Phone...call at first? Probably his lair or her apartment eventually.
WHEN: Now-ish
WARNINGS/NOTES: Shouldn't be any.

All good things come to an end...? Maybe not.Collapse )

Yeah and?
WHO: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Cliffjumper, maybe an Ironhide and Little!Prime
WHAT: A bit of a get together at the Jazz-Optimus-CJ haus.  Cliffjumper has just moved in. c:  And Optimus is still not sleeping.  Final part of a long-running Monday plot!
WHEN: Now-ish
WARNINGS/NOTES: Unintentional slumber party?

The apartment was spotless.

The comm pings had been sent out hours ago.

The energon treats and various snacks laid out were far more elaborate than necessary.

But, well, what else was a recently chronic insomniac supposed to spend his time on after cleaning, rearranging, and reorganizing every datapad in the apartment in alphaglyphmatic order only to still find extra time on his hands?  He was exhausted, but it was far better than the nightmares.  And Cliffjumper's recent move-in had certainly livened the place up a bit.

He wasn't sure if Ironhide or his young alternate would show up, but Jazz and Cliffjumper at least had no choice but to be subjected to his culinary experiments, and he pinged their comms again. 

...Really, it was safe to come out now.  His sleep-deprived domestic frenzy had finally ended.
20th-Nov-2011 12:02 am - AT LONG LAST
Uncertain-lets talk abut this
WHEN: Mostly Backdated

There are many scenes Megatron needs to do. Off the top of my head, he needs to have a meeting with Roxanne, Bed-in-Breakfast with Starscream, Kidnapping Nurse Rodimus avec Kittyscream, interviews with Primescream, and more!

Feel free to jump in even if you're not listed and just want to talk to Magnum. He can (and will) be everywhere, in any Zone, at any time...so just include where you're at so I know how to respond!

To Do List: Take over Nexus, Pick up Milk.Collapse )
WHO: swordofpeace and schrodingersbot
WHAT: The Knight and the Nerd need to have a Talk.
WHERE: Their apartment
WHEN: After having visited Magnum to "discuss" the terms of Wing's punishment
WARNINGS/NOTES: Schmoopy, angsty robots.

Well, that went... well?Collapse )
17th-Nov-2011 11:32 pm(no subject)
uh scuse me?
WHO:  Mikaela & Sam
WHAT: She got hung up on. She's pissed.
WHERE: Her place, Zone 5

Read more...Collapse )
Now calibrating
WHO: Wheatley, OPEN to all willing victims potential test subjects
WHAT: The little personality core's gotten himself in a bit of a fix.
WHERE: The new and improved Aperture Science Testing and Application Center in Zone 4
WHEN: Roughly mid-week. The center will be open for as long as it is functional, however.
WARNINGS/NOTES: STARTED IN PROSE. Feel free to Action Spam or whatever!! Possible Portal 2 spoilers, will try to avoid though. Contents under pressure, may explode if dropped. Testing chambers may include the use of acidic water, lethal military androids, energy fields and thermal discouragement beams, to name a few. ...Have fun! :D

For your testing convenience, all tests are available and all safety precautions within testing chambers have been deactivated.Collapse )

((OOC: There are three different ways you can enter- an entryway for organics, an entryway for Cybertronian-types, and if you're feeling destructive, you can bust your way in. Fill free to start in whichever section you think will work for you, or if you want to try something completely different, by all means! Also, just because entrances are specified by species, please do not feel the need to be restricted to them.))
13th-Nov-2011 06:33 pm - Aftermath of zombification...

<b>WHO:</b> Animated Skywarp and G1 Wheeljack

<b>WHAT:</b> Skywarp runs to his friend after the horror of his Halloween incident.
<b>WHERE:</b> Wheeljacks workshop, zone 3
<b>WHEN:</b> Sunday evening
<b>WARNINGS/NOTES:</b> Discussions about Warp eating people when he was a zombiebot. So, a little gory but nothing horrible.

<lj-cut text="I ate them! I ate them allt!">Skywarp hadn't left his room in his brothers casino since he made it back after his horrific Halloween. His experience was just too much for him and he couldn't bare to see anyone else for... well it's been several days now. He couldn't talk to his brother because he had turned his brother into a zombie as well. And Dirge no doubt enjoyed his time as a zombie. So no, he couldn't go to his brother. 

He lay on his berth watching with dimmed optics as his little fluff ball, Tag bounced around trying to cheer his owner up. It did very little to help the jets mood. He just couldn't believe what he had done. For a good while it was like he was in shock. But soon his processor kicked in and he realized he had eaten bots. He'd cracked opened helms and eaten processors. 

Suddenly he was rising from the berth and slipping from his room in a rush. He needed to get looked at. He could be contaminated with who knew what! But where  was he to go? He had to be careful because he had no idea if those he had eaten were returned to their previous state like he was. The only mech he could think of was Wheeljack, if he went to Wheeljack his friend might be able to help him. He just hoped he would be heard out before Wheeljack possibly freaked out over what he had done as well. 

He walked out of the casino, transformed and took to the air to get to Wheeljacks workshop. As he flew he saw a bot he found familiar and he was almost positive this bot was one he had attacked. That did a bit to help lighten his worry. It looked like those he attacked might actually have gone back to normal. He continued on till he reached his destination, once there he transformed and moved to knock at the entrance. As he waited the black and purple jet fidgeted and shuffled nervously from foot to foot.</lj-cut>

7th-Nov-2011 11:46 pm - Just doing her part... [OPEN]
I have a gun.
Who: Commander Jane Shepard and YOU.
What: Shepard goes out to for an odd job and is confused by the outcome.
Where: Starts in the middle of Zone 6 and then she's somewhere between there and the warehouse in Zone 3 at your leisure.
When: Sometime Monday evening.
Warnings/Notes: Brief mention of a gang-shootout and then weird niceness. Anyone is welcome to run into her at any point when she's on her way home/back to the client that requested the job being done.

...to clean up the city.Collapse )
A girl and her death ray
WHO: Agatha and Megamind
WHAT: A scavenging trip to the Heap!
WHERE: ...Meeting at a cafe, then off to the Heap for
WHEN: Whenever they got around to meeting for this.
WARNINGS/NOTES: SCIENCE. And by SCIENCE I mean awesomeness.

She blinded me with... Well, you get the idea.Collapse )
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